JLaw and Kirio Facts

Kirio's Facts

  1. Kirio loves to write, his first book was titled "Elf Song" but it didn't get published (not related with SuJu in anyway)
  2. Then this year his first book got published, titled "Song of Spirit".
  3. First book signing event held on 25th June, Jlaw was there to accompany him
  4. Kirio became the model for his own book
  5. Kirio is a caring person
  6. Kirio didn't talk much
  7. He had rejected many invitations for TV interviews because he thought that if people demand him to appear on TV not as himself(his true identity and personality) then he doesn't want it. He wants people to see him as what he is.
  8. JLaw ever said that his wife is anorexic, and Kirio's weight is 42 kg now. He doesn't want to see his wife to be so thin and he wants him to gain some weight. Few minutes later he deleted the post. If he is indeed anorexic, I hope he'll somehow get rid off that illness and gain more weight, it's not good to be too thin /sigh
  9. If we do the math- Kirio born on 1992, on 16 he met JLaw, on 17 they got married (2009) so they're in their 3rd year of relationship. Though it's kinda on-and-off, but let's pray they can overcome any obstacle in their life so they can be together as long as they want it
  10. Kirio loves to read books, mostly his books genre are ghost stories and mystery.
  11. Kirio's words in his blog are mostly contain a deep meaning, he's good in writing unlike me /ujan
  12. Kirio knows how to cook vegetable soup, and that's the only thing he knows how to and he would cook for JLaw once every a half month
  13. Kirio is 175 cm and still getting taller
  14. Kirio's bloodtype is AB, that's why he's unique and unpredictable
  15. Kirio was 46kg, but now according to JLaw he is 42. Idk whether he's gain more weight or not
  16. Kirio hates if his privacy got intruded, like when people took pictures of him without his permission then publish it at AF sites.
  17. If JLaw was mad at him he would stay silent if he felt that it was his fault

J.Law's Facts
  1. JLaw is 185 cm, weight 65kg
  2. His blood type is O
  3. JLaw has realized his sexual preference even before he met Kirio.
  4. He fell in love with Kirio when he first laid his eyes on him
  5. JLaw is short tempered
  6. If he found people bashing his Kirio on the net, he would instantly kick them
  7. He's a photographer and a model. Now he owns his own photograph studio
  8. JLaw trusts Kirio, he let Kirio stay at the dorm and socialize. He knows that some might have a crush on his Kirio, but he believe that Kirio won't give a move to them
  9. They also share the same bank account and same code number. Kirio would always ask JLaw's permission if he want to spend more than 5.000 yuan (approximately USD 782) to buy some things.
  10. JLaw have some exs, he had just broke up with one of them when he met Kirio
  11. Based on his old posts in his blog, JLaw has two-timing experiences, whether it was with boy-girl or boys long before he met Kirio.
  12. Kirio gave JLaw a red jacket at one of chinese new years event they had spent together. He treasures it a lot.
  13. They also fight over little things just like other couple. Of course, they're human also after all /tonjok
  14. Nowadays they don't hold hands on public, JLaw said it's because Kirio has grown up.
  15. JLaw's father ever asked his son to get a girlfriend and get married so he would have a grandchild soon, JLaw didn't say anything. JLaw assumes that his father knew about his relationship with Kirio
  16. Recent gossip said that JLaw has gained support from his family, either with Kirio.
  17. Their couple rings, first spotted on JLaw's finger when he attended a TV interview. Kirio's was when he uploaded a photo on his blog

Those are old pictures. After going through many obstacles these past years they have become a more mature and thoughtful couple, though their smiles dont seem as wide as they were but I believe they're as happy as ever. Treasuring every minutes they pass with their love one...
According to their fanpage on fb, this is their photo in 2011 :
Kirio's appearance nowadays :
See? He's so thin.. I dont want him to get thinner than he already is /andwae , take a proper rest and dont push yourself too hard, meet the doctor to cure your anorexia (that's if he has it). What it feels like to be 175 cm more tall yet have 42kg in weight? With almost no fat in his body I afraid he'll get cold easily (though I know J will always be there to keep him warm /hehe) and how about his immune system? He'll get sick easily too /andwae .

What I adore from this couple is, they did overcome the obstacles they have from their relationship these past years and they keep moving forward until they reached their goal. (With J having a photography studio and Kirio having his first book to be published plus a university to attend). Living an independent live... that's a great achievement! I hope they can maintain well their love life between their busy schedule. J-rio Hwaitiiing!! /pompom/pompom/pompom

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Luv Alin August 30, 2012 at 1:38 PM  

wow thats what we call a perfect couple with perfect understanding. I was really happy reading from top to bottom. Wish, our love( Alin and Luv) will gain such height as urz.... U guys r my 1st inspirations...... Cheerrsss for u guys... Always b happy :)

Exoskeleton 11 March 20, 2015 at 8:56 PM  

Its too bad that they broke up knowing that JLaw is short tempered that whats written on the facts above. They only broke up over a misunderstanding that Kirio is hanging out with his ex boyfriend. Kirio should have known better that JLaw is like that. But like you said let's just hope that they might get back together and live happily like how they used to...

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